Sundance Jump Recording - Music for the New Beyond

Sundance Jump Band with with Sarah Rosenberg
Sarah Rosenberg - Vocals & Electric Violin

'Beyond The Zen Rodeo' was released by W. Dire Wolff with Sundance Jump in 2017; and the unique sound of the album is defined not only by Sarah Rosenberg's violin, but by her vocals as well. She sings the lead vocal on the western folk ballad, Cheyenne Wind. "We ain't high flying, but we'll die trying, just the same," is the theme of the folk song, Me and my Sister, with Sarah on background vocals. Her background vocals on 'Me and my Sister' complement the contemporary folk song's mystery. On the album, 'Beyond The Zen Rodeo', Sarah Rosenberg's composition of string melodies helped set the musical mood of the songs.

"Ride on Train" by the "Sundance Drifters" (2017) is a blues/rock musical project of songs by Johnny Rock. Sarah Rosenberg's improvised violin parts and musical ideas during a jam session with Johnny Rock on slide resonator guitar naturally compliment the basic acoustic blues sound of the album. An Americana sound from the Western Appalachians, that merges with the San Francisco bay music scene, and showcases the hard luck Americana and Blues songwriting of Johnny Rock.

The first Sundance Jump album by W. Dire Wolff Band (2015), begins with two songs that showcase Sarah Rosenberg's violin textures; 'Sweet and Painful' and 'Summer Magic'. Sundance Jump reflects the "Northern California Jam Band" sound; or also called "psychedelic folk rock". The guitar based Folk and Rock n' Roll songs are accented by the classically trained electric violinist.

Bio - Sarah Rosenberg

Sarah Rosenberg co-founded the San Francisco alternative rock band, Violin Tendencies, in 2014. She shares vocals and songwriting with her band mates, and is the violinist. Violin Tendencies plays music from the rock roots music of the 1960s and 70s, to the most recent of recording artists, as well as their own original material.

Having provided violin, cello, and musical composition to groups such as Crossbourne/Greg Cross Band, The Guilty Proles, and Vagrant Diva, Sarah Rosenberg was classically-trained from a young age. Outside of orchestral music, she's performed a range of Celtic, Panamanian, and Eastern European folk music, and experimental modern sounds.

While studying abroad in Panama, Sarah immersed herself in the culture, learning and performing Panamanian folklore music on the violin, and teaching violin to children.

Sarah Rosenberg’s more traditional musical training is complemented by her "Violin Tendencies" (pun intended) to play Jimi Hendrix or sing an original memorial for the Oakland, CA Ghost ship fire victims.