Sundance Jump Recording - Music for the New Beyond


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Johnny’s too Young © 2019 W. Dire Wolff

  • Another sad story or something like that
  • About the days of glory when times were fat
  • Suzie riding shotgun, Tracy in the back
  • Johnny’s too young, for something like that

  • There’s a war in the desert that’s got to be won
  • Going to buy me a pick up when this war is all done
  • Suzie begs him to stay home, have some fun
  • Johnny’s too young, but he’s got a gun

  • Out on the highway on a Saturday night
  • Passing it my way, but the driver stayed tight
  • Stoner’s on the highway with the music loud
  • Highway’s clear ahead cuz they just got plowed

  • Truck on the shoulder, it sure looks bad
  • Tracy in the corner crying sad
  • Heard a voice crying, “She’s all I had”
  • Johnny’s too young, to see the bad

  • Lights on a small bay, but the wipers fouled
  • Roger in the driveway, gunrack proud
  • Drove it in sideways thru a drunken crowd
  • Heading to the tavern, just to make it loud.

  • Hanging on the Johnny to leave a little stamp
  • Sliding to the music, she does another vamp
  • Tracy back with Tony, putting on an act
  • Another sad story or something like that

  • Back at the Dew Drop, Roger found the door
  • Finished off a double and had two more
  • Hanging on the tailgate, looking for the door
  • Shouldn’t be driving, if he couldn’t find the floor

  • Reaching around the front seat, bending Suzie’s ear
  • Tracy calling to her, Wind too loud to hear
  • Headlights on the highway and still drawing near
  • Passing in the turn lane, Hearts filled with fear

  • Didn’t see it coming, headed for the ditch
  • Red eyed demon killed a little witch
  • Wrong lane driving made a little switch
  • Saw the Lights coming, but couldn’t tell which

  • Tracy calls to Johnny, “pass on by!”
  • Flames on the highway, couldn’t tell why
  • Wicked seemed weary, Just gotta fly
  • Truck on the shoulder, cuz the engine died.